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Police departments, judges, and even employers are looking at these tools to help make positive impacts on adults who are in need of self monitoring. 11 porn sites [are] now in the top 300 most popular sites globally.

Pornhub, attracting 1.1 billion visits a month globally, sees a staggering 54% of its visits from mobile phones, with an average user session lasting about 8 ½ minutes.

We have parents in over 50 countries that have installed many thousands of devices that currently filter and monitor more than 3 million internet transactions daily.

What we did NOT know, and what we learned over those 3 years is that parents and kids are not the only users of our service.

Today, more than 54% of porn is viewed via a mobile device.

Any solution that is focused on PC’s and MAC laptops, is already behind as it will only affect a small percentage of the target audience.

So unless 100% of app installs are disabled and many standard apps are removed, the safe browsing will not achieve its intended goal of protecting the adult.By not knowing the Apple passcode, Netsanity cannot be removed.All internet will be monitored and websites filtered.The process is quite simple and can be set up in a few minutes.It is NOT an app, and works seamlessly and transparently in the background.

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