Adult dating porn messaging

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His credits include appearances with major names, like industry veteran Lisa Ann (who’s from Easton) and scenes from prominent production companies.Now, Pierce hopes to shed some light on his path from Delaware County to the adult entertainment business with a book, . He hopes to release several more books using his work in porn as the backdrop. “There’s nothing about my upbringing that was dark, or that someone could look at and go, ‘This is what brought him here.’ Other than my fascination with porn, it was as average as it could be.” He grew up like most other Ridley-area kids, eating cheeseburgers at Charlie’s and roast beef sandwiches from Nick’s.Nothing much came of it, he says, but he learned that he would have to network and apply for work through specifically oriented talent agencies, which he began doing after being accepted to his film studio internship while at Temple.

That’s about the time he dropped out of school and started working in pornography.On average, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre is notified of one serious incident of sexting activity every day by schools, parents or pupils, involving serious concerns about child protection.'If you send them a naked selfie, one person can see it in 20 seconds.But if they share it, tomorrow a million people can see it.Currently, he returns home about twice a year to visit friends and family.Pierce discovered online pornography as a teenager and then began reaching out to male talent through My Space and Twitter to get advice about how to break into the business.

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