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It became clear to me that she was a submissive looking for someone to dominate her. And although I can advise on almost any academic topic, I have never been able to release my stress.” I sent an email that stated: Hi, I am sorry for emailing you personally. My e-mail back tried to dig deeper and build trust: What things stress you out? Would you say that is true Jenny78ph: I suppose, I am average looking and considered to be a nerd by most of my classmates. She eagerly kissed me back, moaning in my mouth with a new determined hunger. “My pussy, please lick my pussy Megan,” she pleaded, an intense desperation in her voice which was adorably sexy.I decided to message her about some advice she gave on the question of releasing pressure. But after reading your response, I thought I should personally respond to you. Her response didn’t come back for almost an hour: Lots of things. I broke the kiss, reached for her hand and led her to my bedroom. Our tongues twisted and turned, danced and twirled. “Good girl,” I purred and leaned forward to lick her virgin pussy.

A couple of days later, after doing some routine computer maintenance I had her computer running as fast as when it was new. “I need to come so baaaaaad.” “Tell me you are a lezzie-slut,” she demanded back, flicking my clit with her tongue. Jenny78ph: Yes Dr Meg: and I am also guessing it is one where one woman dominates and controls another. Dr Meg: And you are the submissive one, because after being high strung and stressed at school or work, you want to just let go and be told what to do. If there was an internal struggle between good girl Jenny and sexually curious Jenny it was a short one.Only through complete honesty will I be able to really help you with more than superficial advice like you get on that teen site. She screamed, “Oooooooo myyyyyyyyyy god.” Her orgasm quaked through her and the shy, reserved babysitter came sexually alive.As expected, she replied almost immediately: Please send me the survey and I promise to answer it honestly. As she writhed and screamed from her first real sexual orgasm, I continued pleasing her, already attempting to build a second orgasm in my new pet even as the first one had not yet subsided. The hesitation was brief before she responded as expected, “Yes, I understand, Mistress Megan.” “Good girl,” I purred, knowing that a true submissive lives and breathes for compliments.She came over dressed in an adorable flower sundress and I was still planning her seduction. I can’t believe that,” I said, “you are way too pretty to have had three or four boyfriends already.” “Well, I am not sure I even want to date.” “Well, they are exhausting,” I joked. She always went to a music website and played tunes online as she surfed. I felt fireworks in my head, chills to my entire body and a euphoria I didn’t know possible as my orgasm hit. She looked pleadingly into my eyes, secretly begging for me to please her.I asked her a couple of questions, but first I complimented her. She giggled, “That is what I hear.” “So you have never had a boyfriend. ” I asked, opening the door for the plan already formulating in my head. N-n-no, I….” “I was just kidding, Jenny,” I saved her, my hand again going to her arm fleetingly. “I find,” I said hoping to enhance her curiosity, “that only women understand what women need.” After a pause, I joked, as I handed her computer to her, “Well, that is probably in the way too much information for you category. Next she always checked her e-mail and had her MSN chat program on. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” I screamed, babbling incoherently as my brain went blank and sexual enlightenment poured through me. Your fantasy turned me on a lot and told me so much about you. I moved in for a kiss so soft, just brushing her tender lips. I nibbled on her ear lobe, my hot breath flowing into her ear. I then whispered, “Jenny.” She whispered back, almost inaudible, “Yes.” “Are you ready?

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