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The ancient Egyptians are renowned for their hieroglyphics, which were a mix of alphabetic and syllabic symbols and ideograms (pictures representing whole words).Both male and female Egyptians placed great importance on hygiene and their appearance.Ancient Egyptian technology had a great impact on the many civilizations that followed.Their technology managed to survive centuries so that, even today, some of it can still be seen and even used.Egyptians made use of many simple machines and ideas that they invented for large and small projects.— which was the writing material created by the ancient Egyptians.Papyrus was made from the tough and fibrous interior of a stiff, reed-like plant that grew (and still grows) in marshy areas along the banks of the Nile.

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The ancient Egyptians’ civil calendar had 365 days.Makeup was worn not only for appearance but also for medical, religious and cultural reasons.Eye makeup was first invented by the Egyptians around 4000 BC, and it is still in style.The ancient Egyptians did not share their secret of how to make papyrus, though, so that they could sell it to other peoples.If everybody knew how to make it, there wouldn’t be much of a market to sell it to!

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