Live adult camera swap

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This is only possible because I am not bolted to a tripod.

A big disadvantage of shooting handheld is, of course, camera shake.

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Live adult camera swap-30

Live adult camera swap-47

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By stacking extension tubes between the main lens and the camera body the magnification factor is further increased. For each 20mm of extension tubes I add, I give up roughly another stop.So I have had to find ways to restrict the insect’s movements to a small surface area, and then light that surface area as evenly as possible.Since I typically try to shoot my insects isolated on white, I like to start out with one light coming almost straight down, but just a little bit behind the subject and angled towards the camera slightly.So, when you mount it backwards, the opposite is true. Add to that the multiplier effect gained from the extension tubes and suddenly, you can count the cells in a fly’s eye.I won’t bore you with a lot of math, but basically, if you divide the focal length of the main lens by the focal length of the reversed lens that is the degree of magnification you are getting.

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