Dating a career woman

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By 2025, more than half the primary breadwinners in America will be women.Given this growing ascendancy, one might surmise that men have started to feel emasculated, put off by financially independent, strong women who make their own way because of the fear they're losing value as men.

dating a career woman-41

dating a career woman-41

The problem arises when the qualities that make a woman such a big success cross over into the relationship.

I was doing some work at my favorite coffee shop when I saw an attractive girl sit down wearing a t-shirt with a university crest. ” She replied, “The fact that it would have been more difficult to say no to Harvard.” I invited her over to sit with me.

Pointing at her t-shirt I asked, “What school did you go to? I said the right things and we set up a date on the spot.

” She said, “Harvard Business School.” I smiled to myself. On my way home I thought about how far I had come in my seduction journey.

There was a time when hearing “Harvard Business School” would have intimidated me, but over the years I have learned a system for better relating with professional women.

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