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The easiest test to realize if you’re emotionally abused is by asking yourself if your partner’s behavior hurt you mentally. After all, emotional abuse isn’t always inflicted on you to suppress you.

And if you do see these signs, perhaps it’s now time to start pushing back. But instead of trying to help you, they point your flaws out and behave like you’re a lost cause who can’t be helped because you’re too weak or dumb.

Do You Live in a “God Has a Plan” State or an “I Can Do All Things” State? How should we cultivate a life living in God’s presence?

If Jeremiah & Philippians were USA presidential candidates, which verse would win the Electoral College? How to (and Why You Should) Live in God’s Presence: An Interview with Ken Boa Why don’t we intentionally experience God’s presence more than we do? As in the First Creation, God will Re-Create You: An Interview with Nika Maples Do you desire to change or completely start over?

[Read: How to stop selfish people from hurting you] Don’t be ashamed of the abuse or the helplessness Emotional abuse feels shameful and humiliating.

It’s not easy to talk about it with others, especially when you believe it’s your own weakness that led to the abuse.

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