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Carers' reports of Mr Barclay, from before he was re-united with his daughter, had already showed signs of his mental illness.

She told the newspaper that 'it was clear' her father needed help - but 'they did nothing' and 'allowed him to deteriorate'.

His estranged daughter, Barbara Gallacher, 36, discovered the former soldier curled up in a ball because of muscle wastage causing his legs to retract.

It was the first time she had seen her father, who was living alone, since she was a child, after losing contact with him when her parents divorced.

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"At around 2am two boys aged 12 to 13 were found with items within Sainsbury’s Kingsgate," a police spokesperson said.

A 'neglected' father was found writhing in pain and has been stuck in the foetal position for two years after 'falling through NHS cracks'.

Billy Barclay, 60, from East Kilbride, was 'left to rot' when social workers couldn't find the MS sufferer a care home.

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