Ms access textbox not updating

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For bound controls, the Old Value property isn't set to the updated value until after the After Update event for the form occurs.

Even if the user enters a new value in the control, the Old Value property setting isn't changed until the data is saved (the record is updated).

If you cancel an update, the value of the Old Value property replaces the existing value in the control.

Note To perform simple validations, or more complex validations such as requiring a value in a field or validating more than one control on a form, you can use the Validation Rule property for controls and the Validation Rule and Required properties for fields and records in tables.

Database transactions guarantee that a series of data modification statements will be treated as one atomic operation, which ensures that all modifications will fail or all will succeed.

With this low-level DAL functionality out of the way, we re ready to turn our attention to creating batch data modification interfaces.

I am trying to write code which will iterate through the combobox and update the 'Member' field (Yes/No) for all the selected records. Set Warnings True Msg Box sqlcmd 'This looks OK Do Cmd. When I run this code, I am warned that I am about to update xxx number of records (ie all of them), as if the where criteria is being ignored. To run the After Update macro or event procedure without running the Exit and Lost Focus macros or event procedures, save the record by using the Save Record command on the Records menu.After Update macros and event procedures run only if you change the data in a control. 11th Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Architecture Technology User Network (SATURN) Conference May 4-8, 2015. Dobb's Journal Digital Edition will be sent to applicants who qualify.

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