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An examination of the phenomenon of BDSM from the perspective of a psychiatrist.While Andie stresses safety is always her number-one priority, Bella doesn't generally use ropes when she climbs - although ropes and her parents are always nearby.Instead, she explains Bella prefers to climb up and down by herself, using a harness.Both parents believe Bella has the makings of becoming a pro rock climber when she's older.'She already has little callouses on her hands from hanging and swinging,' she said.'You can tell she loves it, there's a good chance that she'll become a pretty serious climber.'Right now she's just having fun, and she can already do pretty impressive stuff,' she concluded.'Earlier this month, we put a request for information to the market regarding electronic tracking within out hospital, including tracking medical equipment and the potential for using electronic tags to monitor mothers and their newborn babies,' the statement said.

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