Divorced twice dating

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In a turn of events that sounds exactly like it could fill the top spot on Jeremy’s own show, he is now seeing 35-year-old Vicky Burton, who is 16 years younger than him and has been to Barbados with the family while in his employ.She only stopped working for the Kyles nine months ago, a few months after Carla and 51-year-old Jeremy finally divorced.But the act of marrying, divorcing, and getting hitched to a former spouse certainly isn't limited to public figures.And thankfully, many of them have a much happier ending than the celebrities listed above, who all ended up divorcing their spouses for a second time."We enjoyed each other's company." Just a year after their divorce, they made it legal a second time."I didn't see the divorce as a final break, and so I saw our remarriage as a natural progression," says Trip.

Before 42-year-old Carla filed for divorce in 2015, citing ‘unreasonable behaviour’, it was also rumoured she was having an affair with England polo player James Carr, 25. "I felt I needed to tell the universe that I was no longer participating in that pattern, and divorce seemed like a really good way to make that statement clear." Trip's always felt that their separation was only temporary."I believed all along that we would find a way to get back together," he says.Wayne married another woman almost immediately, but Betty needed time before she jumped back into the dating pool."I threw myself into healing," she says, revealing that she went through counseling.

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