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Yes I can register the account for you if it is too complicated or you don’t have the time. Please note that I cannot create the account if you go offline as I need to get the OTP that will be sent to your cell phone or email (not in email? Example: If you have 10 people in your first line and they each buy 1 Pipcoin you get 10% (0.10 Pipcoins) from each of them giving you 1 Pipcoin.If you invested in 1 coin (R100) then you will have 2 Pipcoins (R200) growing at 1.16% per day giving you a total of R270 in 30 days.Thus, for all its worth as a potential life-changing tool, we want Pipcoin to be everybody’s business.By creating software that automatically multiplies your investment by 35% per 30 days / 1.16% per day.Students have the opportunity to seek a semester long Work Integrated Learning placement with an industry partner relevant to the cyber discipline.

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If you don’t have a guider you are left in the dark and have no support. Email ID: Please fill in your email address this will also be your username. Mobile No: Your number must be a total of 11 numbers. Your Associate Name is the name that is on your bank account, the name someone has to use to pay money into your account if you type this wrong you cannot get paid on your investment. Please go to accounts then click on Add Bank Account wait for screen to change and click ADD New. Two buttons – SELL WITHDRAW & BUY INVEST and your Pipcoin balance will display on your screen. 1 Pipcoin = R100, 5 Pipcoin = R500, 10 Pipcoin = R1000, 50 Pipcoin = R5000, 100 Pipcoin = R10 000, 500 Pipcoin = R50 000, 1000 Pipcoin = R100 000. Enter the amount of Pipcoins you would like to buy for example 3 Pipcoins = R300. Security Code: this is the same code that was give to you by the guider or by your request on your cell or email. He currently has made a huge success with affiliate marketing he makes a 5 figure income per month but he has been working very hard for over 8 months he has more than 1000 members in his downline.Whilst attendance is negotiated with the WIL host organisation, typically students will be expected to attend 5 days a week for 12-13 weeks.Students, the WIL host organisation and the school's WIL Coordinator must complete a WIL documentation pack (which includes all required OSH and Risk Assessment documents) before the placement can commence. We also cover the current debate between cyber security vs. It’s intended to give you smart, simple advice for choosing a cyber security degree, including criteria you can use to compare schools.

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